RIDGID WetDry Vac Advantages - The Home Depot

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Watch how RIDGID's wetdry vacs tackle a clean up job featuring find dust. The filter used in one vac neatly snaps up the dust allowing for quick disposal with no clean up while the other leaves a big mess.

RIDGID WetDry Vac Filter Bags

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The advantage to using RIDGID dust bags.

Dust Bag for RIDGID 6-9 US...

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High Efficiency, Dry Pick-Up Dust Bags for RIDGID 6-9 US...

Why Choose RIDGID WetDry Vacs

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Learn about the RIDGID advantages, and why the professional...

RIDGID Certified HEPA WetDry...

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RIDGID Certified HEPA WetDry Vac - RRP